Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Add "Copy To" / "Move To" to Windows Explorer Right Click Menu

In other operating systems might you see there is an option available in right click menu for coping and moving files easily without navigating by opening windows.
Windows Right click menu
When you right click on a file and select Copy to Folder or Move to Folder, there will be a window will pop up and let you choose a location to either copy or move the file or folder to.

With windows operating systems you can implement the same thing via simple registry hack, you can either do this by manually or downloading the files which I have given at the end.
New Registry Key
1. First open the registry editor by typing "regedit" at run (Start -->run)

2. Then as we do usual, back-up your registry for just in case.

3. Next find the key in below.


Once you find that key, right click on it and choose "NEW" --> "KEY"

Name the new Key as "Copy To" and double-click on the (Default) value (Right side window) and enter the following.

If you want to add "Move To" option same as "Copy To" repeat the above steps and once you create a new key name it as "Move To" and set its default value to given below.Edit Registry Value


If you don't like to do this in manual way, simple download these registry files which make all above changes to the registry with one single mouse click.


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