Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tag-Cloud (Label) Widget for Blogger Blogs Method 3 Newest

Blogger newly release tag cloud widget for BlogSpot blogs which can be easily setup through there label widget.

With the new release of label widget there are two options available to choose either we needs traditional label list or their new Tag cloud widget.
Label options
For those who unaware tag cloud is list of labels in Alphabetical, random or frequent manner which we assign to our posts. With the tag cloud it is easy to find out similar type of posts as they grouped all together.

You can see the new tag cloud widget live in action in right hand side of my site.

  • Tag-Cloud Setup:
Go to "layout" >> Click on "add a Gadget" and select "labels" widget. If already you have installed the label widget check it you can see new options which we going to discuss here.
select Labels
Set the title and next simply select Show All Labels if you need to show all labels assigned to your blog posts or select ratio button "Selected Labels" to show only specific labels selected by you.
Choose Labels

With the "Selected Labels" there is an “Edit” option, click it and select what labels you need to display and click done.

With the "Sorting" option we can decide whether we needs to display labels "Alphabetically" or "Frequency". As I love to frequency manner in my site I'm going with that but it’s up to you to decide which is most suited for your site.

Check "Show number of posts per label" to show post count which is assign with every label. Congrats you're done with your new tag cloud click to save and see how it’s working :)

  • Spice up your Tag-Cloud:
K this is a little trick if you carefully check my tag-cloud you may notice every label is separated with a "|”, what I have done is edit the widget content in "Edit HTML" page.

1. Go to "Edit HTML" page check "Expand Widget Templates" and search for (Ctrl+F)

"<span dir='ltr'>(<data:label.count/>)"

2. There are two separate code sections you'll find. What you need to do is add a " | " end of the above code. Please remember as there are two code sections you have to add " | " twice.

3. After done with the editing save the template and check whether it’s perfectly working or not. Check twice and Leave me a comment if it is not. :)
  • Advantages:
  1. Easy to setup, no additional configurations.
  2. No slowdowns.
  3. No need to add external java scripts.
  4. And last thing is it’s working perfectly ;)
Disadvantages, nothing find yet.


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