Friday, November 27, 2009

6 Reasons To Trade Forex Now

Well for those of you who don’t know what FOREX is , it stands for Foreign Currency Exchange Market . Basically it’s buying and selling currencies and making a profit on the rise or fall of one currency against another . It’s a 24 hour five day a week market , and generates $3.8 trillion a day in trades.

Ok lets get down to the six reasons why you should be trading FOREX now instead of leaving your money in a bank earning cents on the dollar .

1: Demo Account Paper Trade

A demo account or paper trading as it's also known allows you and your robot to practise without risking any money . This way you gain experience and a feel for trading , its also a great way to see how your robot performs. Yes you get a preview of the profits you can make ,what other business offers this ?

2: Profit Potential

After you have done the paper trade and learnt more about the market , you will see why people are making so much money on the Forex market. You can start with a small investment and in some cases watch it double every month. With a solid plan before you start trading your earning power will be limitless.

3: FOREX Your Flexible Friend

Working and just putting you money into a bank account will see small increases in your investment. However Forex trading can explode your earning potential. Trade at a time and place that suits you and no stock or physical goods to worry about. You can buy and sell within minutes making an instant profit in an up or downward trend.

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4: Fluctuating Prices

Forex is known as a liquid market as it's a cash only market. Well imagine the market as giant waves rising and falling and you can make money on the falling or rising wave . Of course there is a risk of you making losses as well as gains so keep this in mind when surfing on the Forex waves.

5: Now The Little guy Can Get A Piece Of The Pie

With the vast improvements in Forex Trading Robots and the cost of entering the market being very reasonable , you don't have to be Bill Gates to start trading. For a small investment you can have your own robot trading for you twenty four hours a day.So where ever you are in the world with access to the internet you can watch your profits grow.

6: Leverage

Leverage is borrowing to invest more in a trade than you have in your account . For example to trade $100,000 of currency, with a margin of 1%, an investor will only have to deposit $1,000 into their margin account. The leverage provided on a trade like this is 100:1. So 1% profit in a three hour trade would produce a profit of $1000.

Well as you can see forex is an amazing opportunity to make money , and you can get in at the ground floor. What you need to know now is what is the easiest and most profitable way to enter the market . Well there are some great Forex trading robots like Fap Turbo , Forex Megadroid , Forex Ambush .

After a few easy steps these robots will do all the trading for you twenty four hours a day .


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