Friday, November 27, 2009

Choosing A Forex Broker

Finding the proper forex broker can be a very difficult and confusing task. As trading on the fx market has become significantly popular, tens of new forex discount brokers are starting their broker businesses each month. No wonder that picking the right one could end up as a full-time job. Therefore it is vital for you to determine your requirements to ease up the choosing process and save some time, which you could spend on making healthy profits. learn forex trading

First of all you must write down your demands, like the quantity of your initial deposit and the most preferred currency pairs you would like to trade with. Secondly it is important to decide which trading program suites you best. Some traders favour the MetaTrader platform for its ability to use automated expert advisors for trading or Sierra charts for its fast response but there are web-based platforms available as well, which do not need installation.

The next big question is whether to choose a retail forex broker or an ECN broker. The first one is like a market maker for your trade. They shade prices, change the spread and unfortunately often trade against you! They also have the possibility to manipulate your trading platform which is rather unpleasant and as a result it can end up with huge losses. Market makers advantages are that you can open a trading account with very little money and offer the possibility to trade with little amounts, as well as tremendous leverage. ECN brokers are like interbanks, they do not manipulate the prices and offer a direct linkage between you and other traders. Though ECN brokers have their downside, too: you need a larger deposit to start trading and there are also commissions for training

If you are new to currency trading, it is wiser to choose a broker who does not want a large deposit because then you are not risking with everything you’ve got, and secondly it is a bit suspicious if broker wants a deposit reaching to thousands of dollars. So, if a broker accepts your desired deposit and offers a satisfactorily line-up of currency pairs, it’s worthy to take the broker under closer look. If the forex broker is associated with regulating authorities (the National Futures Association, Commodity Futures Trading Commission for the US or the Financial Service Authority for the UK), it is more trustworthy than a broker which is not regulated at all. Years have shown that many unregistered brokers are only interested in stealing traders’ money contrary to offer an honest service.

After completing steps mentioned above you should have only a handful of brokers to choose from. If they are all so-called market makers, compare their pips, on the whole look for reputation reviews which always show whether the broker can handle your trades in the forex market or not.

Finally you should have the dream broker picked out, open a live account and cash in your profit!


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