Friday, November 27, 2009

The Five Basic Rules for FOREX Trading

Yes it is worrying starting your journey into FOREX trading .The rules and methods of trading can seem like a lot to deal with . Of course you will learn many things along the way , like which currency pairs perform the best and trends in the market.

There is however key rules and methods you should be aware of in order to keep loses to an absolute minimum and maximize profits. You will avoid many pitfalls as well as recognize opportunities that will boost your profits in the FOREX market.

These are the four rules/methods we will cover :
  1. Don't Over Leverage Your Investment
  2. Quit When Your Ahead Know When That Is
  3. Do your Research Before Making Trades
  4. Stop Loss Orders Protect Yourself From Large Losses
  5. Consider Getting Trading Robot That Will Save You Time and Money

  • Don't Over Leverage Your Investment
It's so easy to get caught up in the buzz of FOREX trading , However Leverage is a two edge sword. Leveraging is basically trading more money than you have in your portfolio . For example If you have $2000 in you account some brokers will allow you to buy $50,000 of a currency .

Its better to get the know the market over time than take unnecessary risks. Don't get carried away as you need a steady well thought out approach to make a long term consistent income with FOREX trading .

  • There Is A Time to Quit - Know When It Is
When your riding high on a profitable trade ,many people don't want to sell in the hope there profits will just keep on rising . Well values can fall as well as rise so don't get greedy and lose your gains.

However you don't want to cash in to quick and miss those few extra gains. Some trades you make won't be successful. But over time and careful studding the market trends , you will get a feel for when to start and stop trading. Even Experienced traders have a few losses along the way , but over all they have far more wins that losses and you will too.

  • Doing Your Research Before Making Trades
Research is a word many people don't like , because it involves extra work with no apparent benefits . Well in the FOREX Trading market , having an idea of history and current trends can be the difference between winning and losing . Don't treat the FOREX market like a casino because you will lose far more than you win. Do your research.

  • Stop Loss Orders For Protection
Stop loss is part of a system that stops you from losing too much of your investment or profit , basically if the value of the currency falls to the value you set in the stop loss , Stop loss will sell and stop you from losing any more profit .

Stop loss should be st up before you start to trade ,and you need to decide the value that the stop loss activates. The successful traders use this safety method all of the time .

  • Consider Getting Trading Robot That Will Save You Time and Money
Well after reading the four rules above you must be wondering if there is an easier way .

Well yes there is , FOREX automated robot software , not only trades on average better than humans it can also trade night and day with no interaction from you. Real live account studies have shown one particular Robot Doubling Profits every month


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