Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to use WordPress Action Hooks

Why Action Hooks?
Let's think there is no concept called Action Hooks. When we wanted to change or extend some function of WordPress then probably we wanted to change core files of wordpress installation. And when it comes time to upgrade wordpress, you'll have to recoding all the modifications you have done to prior version files, or you'll have to stick with the old version.

What are Action Hooks.
When it comes to above type of scenario wordpress action hooks are become more handy. For an example let's take very common wordpress action like "wp_head" or "wp_footer". Using action hooks, we can execute a function when certain wordpress action(action we define in hook) execute.

For an example, I need to perform my function "addNewCss" when wordpress action wp_head encounter. To do that simply I can use wordpress hooks

function addNewCss() {
//function content goes here.
add_action('wp_head', 'addNewCss', 5);

This will execute my function addNewCss when it encountered wp_head action and the priority is 5. Which makes run this function earlier. Default is 10. (setting it to 5 would make it run earlier and setting it to 12 would make it run later.

Creating Own Action Hooks
Sometimes you may want to create own action hooks then others can extend your code functionality without touching your codes and make those in separate files. To do that use,

<?php do_action('mynew_action_hook'); ?>

Now, anyone can come hook their own function to your "mynew_action_hook".


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