Saturday, October 5, 2013

WAMP apache won't start on windows

The service "apache" used to handle http request to your localhost. The apache service won't be started mostly due to used the port 80 by services of windows.

Wamp apache not started and  indicate by orange color
This could be due to IIS server running using port 80 or the Windows web deployment agent running

Stop IIS server:

Open IIS server manger by searching "IIS" on windows search

Click "stop" as on the image to stop running the IIS Service

Click to zoom

Stop Web Deployment Agent Service:

  1. Search for administrative tools as we did for IIS above
  2. Open services
  3. Find Web deployment service

  4. Right click on it and open properties
  5. Select manual start and click stop button

    Now restart all services of WAMP and Apache should be sart fine now